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Always Reaching Upward Mentoring Program-Student Coordinator

Position Description
The ARU Student Coordinator is an experienced college student that helps demonstrate exemplary leadership and assists the Coordinator of the ARU Program. They complete administrative tasks, send communications, and plan programs. The ARU Student Coordinator also serves as a resource and liaison for both Success Coaches (Mentors) and Protégés (Mentees). They provide necessary support to the Always Reaching Mentoring Program and overall to the Parkside community. 
Supervision Received
Reports to the Coordinator for Retention Programs in the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs 
  • Hours per week: Approximately 6-8 hours per week 
High Impact Practice (HIP) Statement 
By incorporating classroom learning into hands-on work experiences as well as providing 
supervision and coaching, students gain necessary tools to grow and contribute as professionals. 
Position Tasks and Corresponding NACE Career Readiness Competencies 
1. Critical Thinking or Problem Solving 
a. Be a resource and liaison for Success Coaches (Mentors) and Protégés (Mentees) 
 and refer them to valuable campus resources and services. 
b. Opportunity to create educational or social programs for Success Coaches, Protégés, and the campus community. 
c. Help Success Coaches with strategies for mentoring relationships and aid them in fostering student growth. 
d. Assist with brainstorming for Success Coach-led programs and scheduling of study tables. 
2. Oral and Written Communications 
a. Apply strong interpersonal and customer service skills when interacting with Success  Coaches, Protégé(s), faculty, staff, etc. 
b. Communicate regularly with ARU Program Coordinator, reporting on progress, program updates  and needs of Success Coaches and Protégés. 
c. Write program proposals and plans for ARU programs. 
d. Assist in facilitating programs and presentations for ARU staff meetings, ARU trainings, and ARU  events. 
e. Develop and implement a communication plan that will keep Success Coaches and Protégés aware of  information on a consistent basis regarding the ARU Program (upcoming events, program updates,  important dates, etc.). 
3. Teamwork and Collaboration 
a. Collaborate with ARU Coordinator and Success Coaches to create and execute programs. 
b. Collaborate with OMSA staff and other departments and promote for ARU programs, OMSA- sponsored programs, and resources to ARU Success Coaches and Protégés and the campus community  throughout the year. 
4. Leadership 
a. Attend OMSA and ARU-sponsored programs. 
b. Participate in at least 1 Leadership or Professional Development event/workshop per semester.  
5. Digital Technology 
a. Help create PowerPoint presentations for meetings, trainings, or events. 
b. Use staff email and Outlook calendar. 
c. Utilize web conferencing programs for meetings and events. (Ex: Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc.) 
d. Utilize the online mentoring platform (Parkside Connect), assist with set-up, observe mentoring  relationships, and add any additional resources. 
e. Compile, report and analyze data related to ARU Program via Qualtrics. 
f. Monitor and maintain ARU Program social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook). 
6. Professionalism and Work Ethic 
a. Attend all bi-weekly ARU Staff meetings and ARU trainings. 
b. Complete all weekly summaries and clock all work hours on the UW System Portal. 
c. Assist in the recruitment process for Success Coaches and Protégés. 
d. Help cover the OMSA office desk and be the face of the ARU Program.  
e. Perform other duties as assigned. 
7. Career Management 
a. Attend weekly one-on-one meetings with ARU Program Coordinator throughout the 
academic year to develop and assess plans for personal and professional goals. 
b. Manage your time and day-to-day responsibilities without constant supervision. 
8. Global and Intercultural Fluency 
a. Participate in mentor training about issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusiveness. 
b. Respectfully interact with a diverse community of faculty, staff, co-workers, and students of all  cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations and religions. 
Required Qualifications: 
  • Must have commitment to and belief in student success.  
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5. 
  • Must be a junior or senior in good standing with the university. 
  • Must have 1 year of experience as a Mentor/Coach in a Mentoring Program or related Leadership experience. 
  • Must be flexible with availability of schedule. 
  • Must make a full academic year commitment as an ARU Student Coordinator